MFPE wins the Baranne shoe polish manufacturing contract

Baranne shoe polish is now produced in the French “Haut Forez” instead of South America.

MFPE, a French family-owned SME based in La Tourette, which has produced shoe polish since 1946, won the contract to produce Baranne’s famous shoe polish.

The brand believes it is important to manufacture its products in France, in order to promote the French traditions it has long championed.

MFPE (Manufacture France Produits d’Entretien) won the contract thanks to its high level of expertise and its rigorous formulations, which met Baranne’s expectations for excellent services to target the high-end market. Baranne is using our company’s laboratory and traditional – you could even say ancestral – expertise, since we once produced candles and tapers under the name La Chatelaine.