Contract manufacturing of leather furniture care products

MFPE has manufactured leather furniture care products on demand for over three decades.

Leather is an elegant natural material, and leather sofas and chairs require special care to maintain their appearance and other advantages.
Wax-based products are the most nourishing, and are the best choice to protect and recolor leather furnishings and upholstery.

We work closely with our customers to develop formulas that meet their specifications and perform tests until the distributors and manufacturers that select us to produce their branded products are fully satisfied with the results.

We can manufacture all types of leather furniture care products in any color, from formulation to custom packaging: pomade jars, pots, tubes, flasks, sponge applicators, etc.

  • Balms: from recoloring or delicate creams to nourishing balms, we formulate and manufacture all your cream products to revive leather furniture, with very creamy or fluid textures.
  • Milks: from nourishing to conditioning or cleaning milks, we produce all your liquid care products for leather chairs and sofas, with more or less fluid textures.
  • Soaps: we manufacture all your leather upholstery and furnishing cleaning products, including liquids, gels, and saddle soap type pastes. We offer a wide range of soaps made from plant-based oils or enriched with glycerin.
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