Contract manufacturing of hardwood floor care products

MFPE manufactures a full range of hardwood floor care products as an on-demand private label manufacturer and brand subcontractor.

Wood is an elegant material which requires special care to make it last.
Wax-based products are the most nourishing and the best choice to protect and restore hardwood floors, but we also produce polishes and oils to preserve and enhance wood.

We work closely with our customers to develop formulas that meet their specifications and perform tests util the distributors and manufacturers that select us to produce their branded products are fully satisfied with the results.
We can produce all types of easy-to-apply hardwood floor care products in a wide range of colors, from formulation to custom packaging: cans, canisters, or buckets.

  • Floor wax: from traditional turpentine and beeswax-based polishes to colored waxes, we design and manufacture all your products for hardwood floor care and enhancement, in textures ranging from very stiff to fluid.
  • Lacquers and oils: from traditional acrylic or emulsion-based lacquers to oil-based lacquers, we create all your products to protect and color hardwood floors.
  • Paint strippers, cleaners and waxes, and grain fillers: we manufacture all your hardwood floor renovation and protection products, for all wood types.
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